Shropshire businesswoman lends a helping hand to county managers

There are more than five million managers in the UK today – each one managing everything from budgets and policies to the most important resource of all – people.

It’s a tough and pressurised job and a difficult one to get right.

That’s why businesswoman Anita Bickerdike, owner of Shrewsbury-based consultancy Positive Intention, has taken it upon herself to give managers across Shropshire a helping hand.

“Managers have a tough job and the pressure seems to be ever increasing,” said Mrs Bickerdike, who on December 8 will also be holding a workshop on Key Management Skills, at Meeting Point House in Telford.

“Most are highly trained in the technical or specialist aspects of their job however management training is sometimes seen as unnecessary.
“Most employers would not put an untrained person in charge of a machine but many put a person in charge of a team without the right skills to do the job effectively.

“The guide I have created for managers across the county and beyond is essentially a crash course on management skills.
“It covers the seven essential skills required by managers to ensure business growth and some helpful pointers on how they can look to refine their own management style.

“I hope it will be useful tool to anyone who is already in a management role looking to tweak their techniques or to those looking to move up the ladder in need of some guidance on what makes an effective manager.

“And, for those who are keen to be proactive, efficient and effective in the workplace I will also be holding a Key Management Skills workshop on December 8.

“This will be a really hands-on workshop and will help managers to improve performance, achieve objectives, manage change more effectively and of course support business growth.”