Deciding to be the best you can be demands positive intent…

Deciding to be the best you can be demands positive intent, and Anita Bickerdike set up her company, Positive Intention, to help business leaders and individuals to maximise their personal potential and in so doing increase productivity and profit.

She told us “I truly believe that business success is driven by our own positive intention to access all our internal and external resources and focus attention and energy on actions that are necessary to achieve our desired business outcomes.”

Working with large and small businesses from all sectors; government departments; local authorities; national governing bodies; and individual clients, both here and overseas, Anita offers consultancy services, bespoke training courses and coaching focussed on developing personal leadership and management abilities – “from coal face to Boardroom”.

She says, “Getting maximum return on investment requires training which targets your business needs AND follow up support after the course to ensure the learning is transferred and new ways of working are embedded into the company’s culture – that is what I do”.

She works closely with her clients establishing their goals, their “needs and dreams”, gaining a detailed understanding of their business and supporting them to achieve current business objectives and continued future prosperity. She says, “Identifying choices and facilitating dynamic solutions that deliver vision, direction and commitment is the only way to get real results in the workplace.”

Anita’s own goals are clear and informed by her core values, which she describes as the golden thread running through every aspect of her life; excellence, integrity, respect, synchronicity, passion, vision, synergy and wisdom. She brings these values to her practice, empowering her clients to achieve positive change and instilling in them the self-belief to make the desired changes in their behaviour necessary to achieve their business and personal goals.

It is possible to ditch old, negative thought patterns and use different perspectives to tackle problems which take us in new, positive directions. We can choose to change, to grow and succeed. We can learn awareness, resourcefulness and resilience, tap into our existing talents, learn new ones and access new ways of thinking to remove barriers to peak performance, business success and personal satisfaction.

Anita agrees, “Peak organisational performance and personal effectiveness requires an ability to combine focused, logical thought processes with creativity and insight. Neuroscience indicates that this ability can be learnt allowing access to better decision making and more successful outcomes in our business, professional and personal lives.”

Anita is keen to spread her positive message about the benefits of a change of corporate mind set and stresses the importance of investing in your people. She points out that numerous studies have shown that companies with a culture offering growth and opportunity through training and personal development retain their knowledgeable staff, guard against skills shortage and ensure a healthy bottom line.

People want to feel valued and an important part of the organisation, and will return the investment in them and their
development by showing loyalty and commitment. Working with your people at all levels is investing in the future of your
company, you will be growing your own management and skilled personnel to carry the business forward.

Anita says, “Retaining the competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace requires businesses to be flexible, agile, fit for purpose and able to respond to ever changing demands”

As businesses grow and develop change is inevitable and necessary. Anita is on hand to give you and your people theskills needed to overcome the challenges of change. She says, “Changes must also be carefully managed to ensure people remain positive and productive. It is important to be honest about what is needed going forward however this must be done without de-valuing the efforts and contributions people have made to the business in the past”.

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